Recently, we see that the number of cloud concerns has raised exponentially, along with the new threats and attacks being identified. To get a clear understanding on cloud security, there are many different certifications popping up along with the best responsive and interaction-based courses. The users will also get to know the significance of cloud security which has become one of the basic needs in every organization. The cloud security alliance has come up with certain certifications called CCSK – Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge and CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional. In this blog, we will discuss CCSK and CCSP, the differences between them along with a detailed comparison. Through cloud security training, you will gain an understanding of each of them and its significance to choose the best for you.

What is CCSP?

If you are looking to learn the in-depth technical skills and advanced methods in cloud security, then the certified cloud security professional is one of the certifications which will help you become an expert in cloud security. Through this, you will be capable of managing and securing the cloud data along with the applications and infrastructure.

If your career is running around system administrator, security and system engineer, security architect, then CCSP is one of the viable options that helps you improve your knowledge and career. CCSP certifications are designed to make the users understand the significance. Not everybody is ideal to take up this certification. This certification is specifically suitable for the highest quality standard set of experts.

What is CCSK?

CCSK refers to a certificate of cloud security knowledge. CCSK has been named as the mother for all the certifications in cloud computing security. With the CCSK certification, a professional can gain all the knowledge and upgrade themselves from basic to medium level standards. The primary goal of this certification is to enhance the knowledge of an individual in terms of the issues related to cloud security. Hence, with the CCSK training and certification, you will be nurtured with all the concepts and gain the deep insights and concepts of cloud security, allowing you to address all kinds of cloud security issues.

CCSK vs CCSP - A Detailed Comparison:

Most of them need clarification on whether both of these certifications are the same or not. But the reality is that both of them are not the same. Both of them come under the same category of certifications that are based on different objectives and help in gaining keen knowledge towards cloud security. Let's get into a deeper discussion about the comparison between CCSK and CCSP.

CCSK is a certification course which is helping the users to gain an in-depth knowledge about the security issues that are present within the cloud. Hence it is a certification that represents a test including three main things- CSA cloud control matrix, ENISA report and CSA guidance.

When coming to CCSP, a CCSP certification is specifically used to test the knowledge of an individual with respect to the security issues along with the practical experience and practical concepts. To attend the certification, an individual who is attempting this certification should have at least 5 years of experience in the Cloud Security field. Hence the individual, marked as professional who is capable of taking the CCSP certification should have already completed the CCSK certification.

Certificate of cloud security knowledge:

The certificate of cloud security knowledge is one of the significant certifications which is related to Cloud Security. The examination will include a set of 60% of technical questions and the remaining 40% will be their strategic knowledge that should come under the cloud Security domain.

The CCSK certification includes the below topics like risks and contracts, governance, containers, devops tools and many other tools that are used for the security management in the cloud.

The CCSK Certification is a course which can be completed either in one or two days. It also includes an advanced version called CCSK Plus which can be completed within 3 to 4 days. This advanced version is a combination of the AWS concepts and CCSK basics.

The advanced version is a bit hard when compared to the basic one and is a combination of both strategic and tactical knowledge. The tactical part theory includes the concepts of computing as well as the formula of bits whereas a strategic part includes the effect and impact of the cloud utilization in the organizations and its effect towards business.

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Certified Cloud Security professional:

Certified Cloud Security professional certification is for the individuals who are learning and looking to enhance their technical skills. It is one of the advanced certifications that helps in becoming a professional in Cloud Security. With this, the individual can learn how to manage the cloud data and also how to secure the cloud data with their applications as well as infrastructure.

Apart from the professional tag that is present in the CCSP certification, it also includes certain advantages like career advancements that help you stand out of the box among your peers. It helps you keep updated with all the new Strategies and the threats that keep coming up in the latest times.

CCSP vs CCSK: Key Differences

1. Experience prerequisite:

An individual who is willing to take up the CCSK course has to clear the two documents and is also capable of clearing the objective type of the exam. There is no specific experience needed to take up the certification.

When compared with the CCSP certification, that is specifically for the professionals who have work experience in Cloud Security. At least a minimum of 5 years of experience is required to get the certification.

2. Knowledge transmission:

With the CCSK certification, you will gain an outline and knowledge on the frame of CSA cloud matrix, cSA guidance and ENISA document. The individual will definitely gain a huge amount of knowledge on taking up this course.

When compared to the CCSP certification, it is based on how the knowledge is applied in real time, surely practical knowledge. This certification will help the professional in gaining more knowledge and how to implement or process the workflow.

3. Examination keys:

The CCSK examination on in clause multiple choice questions and answers on a particular domain whereas the CCSP certification includes both practical and theoretical knowledge. It includes both the multiple choice questions and reality based questions, simply called as problem solving questions and keeps testing them in all kinds of areas.

4. Conducting the exam:

This certification exam will be conducted online and all the learners are allowed to access or attempt the exam from anywhere around the world using a browser and internet. They will be given a chance to attempt the exam 2 times on a single registration.

The CCSP certification exam is conducted via a test center and allows only one single attempt per registration.

5. Certificate maintenance:

There is no maintenance requirement for the examination and the certification that is done by the learner. There is no need to pay any additional cost for additional submissions of CPE's for the professionals after the loan against the certificate of cloud security knowledge.

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Which is best among CCSK and CCSP?

Choosing the certification is purely based on the sphere or the environment that you are working as of now. If you are new to the Cloud Security field and have recently joined the industry then you need to take up the CCSK certification with enough knowledge on the Cloud Security basics. It helps you attain knowledge in the tactic issues and functioning of the cloud security issues. 

If you are a professional and working in the IT security industry, holding relevant amounts of experience in security matters, then it is ideal to take up the CCSP certification after your learning is completed. If you are still unclear or unsure which certification to do, then it is recommended to go with CCSK first followed by the CCSP that requires additional knowledge.

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Now that you have gained an idea on the differences between CCSK and CCSP, each of them is a different certification and is based on how you go with the type of examination that is best for you. It is purely based on which examination to choose. It is worthy to acquire such certifications to improve and enhance your career perspectives. 

In simple terms, if you are a beginner you can go with the CCSK certification and if you have gained some work experience then you can go with the CCSP certification.

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Ans: The best certification depends upon the level that you are at - beginner or experienced. If you are a beginner you can go with the CCSK certification and if you are a professional with work experience then you can go with CCSP certification.

Ans: A CCSP certification is not that difficult when compared with the CS SSP certification. The CISF certification is very difficult and will be testing the in-depth knowledge with critical questions.

Ans: CCSK certification is one of the best choices for individuals who are willing to start their career in Cloud Security. It will help you validate your skills and knowledge in the basics of Cloud Security matters and help you nurture the concepts efficiently.

Ans: A CCSP certification is for professionals who have minimum 5 years of experience in the Cloud Security or network security field. The questions will be purely based on practical knowledge and will test them based on some scenarios that occur in the real time. A professional who has gained the CCSP certification will definitely have a best career and higher positions in the organizations.

70% is the pass rate of CCSP certification exam.