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In this ever changing world, the number of security challenges has been increasing on a daily basis. It is the responsibility of the IT teams to manage the security concerns and get them resolved as soon as possible so that it doesn't affect the operations. To be capable of resolving and managing the security concerns, it is important for you to have an in-depth knowledge in Cloud Security and also get certified in the CCSP examination. In this blog, you will gain an understanding on how to get certified in CSSP and the path to clear the CCSP certification. Let's get started!

What is CCSP?

CCSP stands for certified Cloud Security professional, which is a certification that is specifically introduced for experienced professionals who have knowledge in information security and 5 years of experience in the IT industry. The CCSP certification will allow you to advance your technical skills and knowledge for designing, managing and securing the applications and the data by making use of the best practices, procedures and policies.

(ISC)² is offering manyIT certifications that have the candidates to enhance and improve their real time and practical knowledge in terms of storage and infrastructure as well. CCSP certification and training includes multiple domains like design and architecture, compliance, infrastructure security, operations, application based security and cloud data security.

How to get a CSP certification?

All the individuals who are looking to appear for the CCSP certification should gain a passing score of 700 out of 1,000 points. The CCSP examination includes a total of 125 multiple choice questions. The time duration for the examination is around three to four hours. The exam usually includes the questions based on the six CCSP domains.

Below is a weightage that is carried over for each domain. 

a. Design and architecture - 19% 

b. Cloud data security- 20% 

c. Infrastructure security - 19% 

d. Cloud based security - 15% 

e. Legal and compliance - 12% 

f. Operations - 15% 

Once a certification has been completed, it is important that it needs to be maintained through 90 CPE credits over the three years certification cycle.

CCSP requirements:

There is no hidden process for the CCSP certification. Passing the examination is the only step that needs to be done to get IT CCSP certification. This is not something that tests your knowledge in the beginning of your career. The candidate who is attempting this examination should definitely have some IT industry career experience.

To get certified in CCSP you need to have the below requirements :

a. The candidate should definitely have 5 years of experience in IT

b. The candidate should also hold at least three years of experience into information security.

c. The candidate should also hold at least one year of experience into one or more of the sixth available domains in CCSP.

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What does the CCSP exam cover ?

This examination includes multiple choice questions which will come under the 6 domains that are listed previously. Each of them will be given a weightage of around 17 percent with a slight variation in some domains.

Preparing for the CCSP exam:

The CCSP examination is purely a knowledge base examination which includes the six domains. The IT experience is definitely a good asset for the candidates who are attempting this examination. It is important for the candidates to prepare for the examination before attempting it. There are many ways that you can implement to start preparing for the examination and improve your learning curve. Below listed are a few ways that will help you in preparing for the examination.

a. Exam preparation course:

There are many organizations that are offering training for the candidates who would like to get certified in CCSP. Although it is based on the budget and an extra cost to the candidate, it is worth it for the candidate to have this training done to have more structured and organized knowledge in the subject.

B. Practice test:

Before you attempt the CCSP certification, it is important that you take some practice tests that will help you identify the tough areas, the time taken for completing the examination for each question. This practice test will help you in becoming confident before you attempt the original examination. (ISC)² is now offering the practice test officially, probably around a thousand questions for you to practice and gain a better score in the examination.

c. Study groups:

Start learning with others and it will definitely be a good experience with the knowledge expansion among each other.

Tips to gain a successful CCSP certification:

You need to keep the below points in mind while you start preparing for the examination. 

a. You need to give yourself a date to move forward and work towards the best. You need to register for the examination and pick a date that is best suitable for you.

b. You need to allot some time on every day to prepare for the examination. Even a short span of time like 15 minutes is definitely worthwhile and you need to be consistent while you prepare.

c. There is no negative marking for any penalty for the incorrect answers while you're writing the CCSP examination. Hence any questions that you are not really sure of the answer, you need to make a best guess rather than leaving the question without answering it.

d. You can also flag the questions to skip them and attend them later. The time frame for the exam completion is 3 hours which is 90 minutes. 90 seconds needs to be allotted for a question to be worked out while you are attempting the examination.

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Domains covered in CCSP exam:

One of the most important steps before attempting to prepare for your examination is to identify the domains that will be covered in this CCSP exam.

Below are the six domains that will be covered in the CCSP examination.

1. Architectural concepts and designing requirements 

2. Infrastructure security and cloud platform 

3. Cloud data security 

4. Legal and compliance 

5. Operations 

6. Cloud application security

Among all the above domains, each of them will have a specific weight age in examination. Data security domain is under the top notch with the maximum weight age followed by the architectural concepts and design requirements. 12% will be covered through the legal and compliance domain holding a lesser weight age.

Benefits of CCSP certification:

The experts who have gained the CCSP certification have a better advanced career with the highly paid jobs and other benefits. Below listed a few of the major benefits that the professionals gain.

1. Upgrading with the new skills: When an individual starts preparing for the CCSP examination,he/she will be indulged in learning all concepts leading to an improvement in the Cloud Security skills in a more structured format.

2. Confidence in the job: Once you complete the certification, you will gain the confidence along with the knowledge and skills that will help you serve better within your daily work jobs or security queries that arise.

3. Networking: The CCSP certification will also provide you with the membership to (ISC)² which will further help you in expanding the opportunities as well as the resources that are required for your professional development

CCSP job roles:

CCSP certification is best for those individuals who are working in the below roles:

a. Systems engineer/ architect 

b. Security administrator 

c. Enterprise architect 

d. Security engineer/ manager/ consultant/ architect

I hope the above information is helpful to you. You might have gained an idea on the CCSP certification process along with the domains and benefits. You need to prepare well and get trained in CCSP for a successful completion of the CCSP certification. Advance your career with CCSP certification and improve your knowledge and skills too.

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CCSP certification is a certified Cloud Security professional certification that helps in testing the skills and knowledge in the Cloud Security field. It is an advanced examination that focuses on designing, managing in securing the data along with their applications and maintaining the security throughout.

Yes, definitely! CCSP certification as it helps you upgrade from a basic level pastel to an advanced professional, also providing highly paid jobs along with the bright future.

The CCSP certification costs around 549 US dollars.

CCSP certification is a challenging examination which requires almost 3 hours to complete. For the professionals who have experience in the IT security field it would be a bit easier when compared with the other professionals who do not have any experience.

It takes around 120 days to prepare for the CCSP examination. You need to spend at least 2 hours everyday preparing for this examination.