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Many people think about how they can become AWS Certified DevOps engineers. The majority believe only in coding, but that's not the case. Many companies use the DevOps methodologies to help them streamline their processes and ensure faster software delivery to the market. There is a lot of collaboration between the development and operations team to ensure the software's good functioning and meet the customer's expectations. To be good at DevOps, you must understand different skill sets from coding, teamwork, collaboration, continuous delivery and integration, and monitoring, among others. You have to do a lot of learning. According to Global Market Insights, the DevOps market will grow upto USD 12,215.54 million in 2026, which is an 18.95% increase.

Who is an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer is a professional who undertook the AWS DevOps certification that shows one has enough skills in handling cloud platforms and initiatives. It shows you can help perform automated testing and proper knowledge about deploying applications to the AWS infrastructure.

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Skills of AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

There are several skills that AWS DevOps engineers must understand to enable them to get jobs in their roles. Some of the skills include:

  • Continuous delivery. One must understand how to use the continuous delivery concepts and theory. They need to know how to use the tools to create pipelines that help commit, merge, deploy, and test code in different development processes. Some common AWS tools one needs to know include AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild, Travis, e.t.c.
  • Configuration Management. It helps in managing the Amazon EC2 created by the engineers.
  • Monitoring. The engineer should have observability skills that enable them to view application insights using different mechanisms like logging, alerts, and monitoring. Some common tools they need to know include AWS X-Ray, Amazon Elasticsearch, CloudWatch, Grafana, e.t.c.
  • Containers. They should learn how to use different tools in containerizing the applications. Some of the tools include Docker and Kubernetes.
  • AWS Cloud Services. One must be able to use most of the AWS services and other non-AWS services. They help in building complex,cloud-native cloud systems. They also use the knowledge to advise on different aspects of cloud deployment and services like billing.
  • Automation. They must eliminate some repetitive tasks and replace them with automated scripts. They should understand how to use scripting languages like Python and work with terminals like Powershell.
  • They should have soft skills like communication and collaboration. It enables them to communicate with one another very well and engages the rest of the team, like software developers and product managers, during the development process.
  • Infrastructure as code. They understand how to document most objects as code and how to use version control to manage them. They also provide them with some of the tools, including AWS CDK.

Roles and responsibilities of AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

Some of the roles and responsibilities of AWS Certified DevOps Engineer include the following:

  • Help in designing secure and scalable Infrastructure on AWS services.
  • Work with software development teams to ensure they meet all the Infrastructure and other requirements.
  • Provisioning and configuring AWS services as Infrastructure as code.
  • Helping in configuration with the help of configuration management services and tools.
  • Working with Linux Systems.
  • Help in setting up logging and monitoring tools on the AWS platform.
  • Providing architecture recommendations and designs.
  • Performing quality assurance.
  • Ensuring good performance and scalability of AWS services.
  • Troubleshooting any issues on the AWS platforms.
  • Coming up with bill estimation and optimization.

Aws certified DevOps engineer Salary

In the United States, according to, AWS Certified DevOps Engineers earn $137,561 annually, that's an average of $70 per hour. For entry levels, they earn $120,000, while experienced engineers earn $170,000.In India, they make around ₹ 4 Lakhs to ₹ 11Lakhs with an average earning of ₹ 6.0 Lakhs per year.

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Benefits of AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

Some of the benefits of becoming an AWS Certified DevOps engineer include:

  • It makes you master and understands how to use AWS tools and services like (Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, Amazon Simple Storage Service, and IAM.
  • It teaches you different ways of connecting AWS services and how they work and connect.
  • Get more knowledge about AWS services that are less known by consumers and see how you can make them important.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the AWS services billing models and pricing to ensure the solutions you provide cut costs.

How to become an AWS-certified DevOps engineer

After knowing several DevOps basics, one has to take a certification. Once you take the certification, you become an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer. The exam comprises 75 questions that can be either multichoice or have multiple responses. It takes around three hours to complete the exam. The certification is open to the following people:

  • Managing and implementing continuous delivery on AWS.
  • An individual who can implement governance, compliance, and security controls
  • Monitoring and logging on AWS services
  • Those with experience in coding in at least one programming language can build different architectures and work with different operating systems.
  • Ability to understand all the modern operations, methodologies, and approaches.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification cost

The cost of doing an AWS DevOps certification is 300 USD.

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How to Prepare for Certified DevOps Engineer Certification

When preparing for the certification, one must have enough skills and knowledge for them to pass the exam. AWS provides several resources while others are on the Internet. We will look at some of the best resources:

AWS Courses

  • Introduction to AWS CloudFormation.The course covers how to use AWS CloudFormation in resource provisioning. The course is free, and it takes around ten minutes.
  • AWS Cloud Development Kit Primer. The course covers different ways to model, delete, provision, and modify all the application resources in the cloud using your best programming language. You work with different components to ensure security and governance issues. You will also learn everything you need to know about AWS CDK from components, concepts, purpose, and constructs. The course lasts two hours.
  • Advanced Developing on AWS.It covers advanced topics of AWS like architecting, deconstructing applications, how to use Twelve-Factor Application when building application architecture, and how to use SDK, API, and CLI for monitoring AWS services. The lessons take three days, and there is some fee one has to pay.
  • DevOps Engineering on AWS.It teaches how to use DevOps practices, approaches, and philosophies in developing and maintaining applications. It also covers continuous integration and delivery, monitoring, communication, logging, collaboration, and microservices. It also provides experience in building and deploying AWS templates and applications on Amazon EC2 using CI/CD pipelines. The course is three days, and you have to pay some amount.

AWS Whitepapers

  • Running Containerized Microservices on AWS. It covers how to handle containerized applications using Amazon Web Services. It provides design patterns and application lifecycle management processes one has to follow. It talks about best principles like Martin Fowler's and practices that help ensure the application meets the twelve-factor pattern.
  • Implementing Microservices on AWS. The paper discusses several patterns one can use when building microservices. Some of the common patterns discussed are event-driven, data-streaming, and API driven.
  • Infrastructure as code. It discusses the advantages of using Infrastructure as code and how to use AWS Web Services to support DevOps activities.

Online Courses

Institutions like HKR Trainings offer several online courses and most talk about how you can use and handle different AWS services. You get enough practice and tests that fully equip you for the task ahead.

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AWS Certified DevOps engineers play essential roles in the development and deployment processes. They ensure there is good coordination between members to produce quality products. Most of their roles and responsibilities require serious training, and to some extent, companies refer those who have certification from AWS. Getting the certification is not easy as you have to prove that you are a master of all the DevOps skills when using the AWS services for you to get it.AWS provides resources and training one can go through before doing the exam.

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