Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is online marketing of goods and services using digital devices like mobile, computers and laptops. Digital marketing involves the usage of various social media handles to promote organisational products. The main advantage of digital marketing is you can expand your business globally just by sitting in your home country and with less cost and labour. Here in this blog, we will explain the "Advantages of digital marketing" and the top careers in digital marketing. So, without a wait, let's dive into the topic together.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a way of marketing goods and services using digital technologies like mobile and computer and other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and instagram. Digital marketing is categorised as email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, Affiliate marketing, web-based advertising, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and marketing analytics. Eventually, any marketing campaign that uses digital mediums is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing is also called online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing. Digital marketing became popular in 2013 with the excess use of smartphones. Digital marketing uses the same principles of traditional marketing but offers additional principles to understand consumer approaches and behaviour while purchasing products. The major challenge in digital marketing is that businesses should often find innovative ways to attract customers to sell their products.

A digital marketer is an individual who uses digital media and other social media platforms to reach potential customers through advertising their company's products and services. A digital marketer is also known to plan and execute marketing campaigns. He also communicates with other business people and keeps up-to-date on the latest business trends. He also uses digital channels like email marketing, display ads, blogs, and social media sites to promote their brand.

Top advantages of Digital Marketing

Global Reach

One of the main advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is the visibility and reaches to international customers with less cost and labour. In digital marketing, everything like selling and buying happens online. Customers can find the best products at low prices just by sitting and searching from home, unlike traditional marketing, where customers spend hours buying their desired products.
Even a small store owner has immense opportunities to expand his business by implementing the right digital marketing tools. This online marketing opened doors for many people to start their businesses and sell the products at less cost.

Local Reach

Digital marketing is not used for advertising your brand internationally, but it does also help you to promote your business locally. Local visibility of your business is needed if your business is dependent on nearby customers. Local visibility can be achieved by implementing local search engine optimization tools and locally targeted ads that bring customers to your doorstep. Unlike traditional marketing, where you need to post a paper on walls and advertise yourself about the services/ products you offer.

Lower Cost

When you want to advertise your products locally or globally, the best way is to opt for digital marketing as it is cost-effective. Even smaller companies can compete with larger companies by implementing the right marketing strategies that include tools like search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, Email marketing, and many more. Many of these marketing tools cost little bucks to start with. All marketing strategies do not suit all businesses; you have to find the right marketing strategy that suits your business. This can be possible only if you have experience in digital marketing.

Easy to Learn

Digital marketing is comparatively easier to learn than coding, but it can become more complex when you invest your time in finding more marketing strategies and scaling your campaigns. But it may be easy to learn if you are passionate about learning digital marketing.

Effective Targeting

Effective targeting of your ads is possible by knowing who your audiences are. Digital marketing tools help you know who your audience is and which products they are interested in. And with this data, you can effectively campaign your ad around the target audience. You can target more audiences using popular keywords for search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC), and demographic information from social media handles. This huge amount of data collection makes you advertise your products to the right audience. These statistics also help analyse changing customer behaviours and modify the campaign according to the audience searches.

Higher Engagement

Digital marketing enables marketers to achieve higher customer engagement by updating their profile/blog/website with the latest photos, videos or images of their products/services. Higher customer engagement with customers can be achieved by taking customer feedback and reviews of their products and making changes if necessary. The more marketers spend online advertising their goods, the more loyal customers they create. How many customers visit your website and the number of clicks your website gets can all be known by Google analytics tools.

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Trackable & Measurable Results

The best thing about digital marketing is you can track and measure how your campaign is working, unlike the traditional method where you want to personally ask each customer about the services/ products you offer. When you have invested your time and money in a successful campaign, you want to track the performance of a campaign and identify which marketing strategy helps you gain more loyal customers.
Every campaign includes social media and SEO has a tracking system that enables you to track various metrics like impressions, shares, conversions, likes and clicks. Tracking helps you save money and time if you find the right marketing strategy.

Remarketing Opportunities

Remarketing is one of the effective strategies digital marketing offers as it helps marketers show their online ads to people who have previously visited your website. Sometimes it isn't easy to make a customer purchase on the first attempt. Remarketing provides you with another opportunity to promote your ad once again while a customer searches for particular sections of your site. Remarketing thus helps marketers to achieve higher conversion rates.

Instant feedback

A successful marketing campaign invests more time not only in advertising the services but also receives customer feedback after delivering goods/services. Instant feedback tells you about customer experience with the overall delivery of the product. Instant feedback describes the needs of customers to marketers.

Brand Growth

You can increase brand growth by establishing your company's identity on various social media platforms. Share your opinions, thoughts and ideas about a product in blogs, and ask your customers to join your case studies. You can promote your brand by leveraging celebrities and influencers to advertise your products.

Top Digital Marketing careers

Digital Marketing manager

The digital marketing manager is responsible for designing, implementing and overseeing all the campaigns like social media marketing, email marketing, and digital advertising. He should know how the campaigns work and switch to newer ways of marketing to improve his company's sales.

SEO Manager

The SEO manager is responsible for maintaining the company's overall SEO strategy. His main duties include going through a company's performance report and building strategies to gain more profits, doing keyword research related to audience search queries and tying up with marketing teams and web developers.

SEM/PPC expert

PPC Specialists play an important role in building and advertising PPC campaigns. They may be self-employed or work for a PPC agency. His duties include keyword research, finding a target audience, Ad design, landing page design, Ad copywriting and bidding.

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Web developer/designer

A web developer is a person who creates visually attractive websites that are easy to navigate and also looks at website performance.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for posting and monitoring their content on social media handles, doing web analytics, and building strategies to achieve user engagement.

Content Marketer

A content marketer is known for creating and writing blog content and educating the audience about the advantages of buying a product. He makes the audience convert into their customers by sharing valuable content about a particular product/service. He writes content based on what he sells to the customer.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Careers

No specific background education is required

Digital marketing is booming nowadays as it creates plenty of job opportunities. Anyone can start their career in digital marketing; the educational background is not highly important. But job offers are many to people who have academic degrees. So, start learning new technologies if you are passionate about digital marketing.

Outrageous demand for digital marketers

According to a survey, businesses are expected to depend on online marketing to promote their business, and digital advertising expenses will reach $500 billion by 2024. So many companies want to hire a digital marketing professional to manage their websites and look at their advertising campaigns.

High-paying jobs

Currently, demand for digital marketers is quite high and is expected to increase further. So, if you are a person who wants to pursue a career in digital marketing, this is the right time to invest your time and complete any course related to digital marketing like social media manager, Content manager, web developer and so on.

Fast-growing industry

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries, with an annual growth rate of 14% and is expected to increase further by 24-37% shortly as most businesses happen online. How people purchase and sell goods has changed drastically; people rely completely on online marketing. So the risk of job scarcity is less in this field.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Digital marketing helps people to start businesses and promote their businesses online by providing the required tools for tracking their strategies. Even small business owners can have a wider audience by implementing the right tools and strategies. You can reach a global audience at less cost through digital marketing.

Freelance Job Opportunities

If you want to work part-time, digital marketing provides you with freelance work opportunities to work with international clients just by sitting at home and earning more income. You need a laptop and an internet connection to start as a freelancer.

A Few Crucial Digital Marketing Statistics in 2022

  • If you want to run a successful business, you first have to build blogs, as more than 70% of users get information on the product through blogs.
  • It is estimated that blogging generates 97% more links to a company's website, and 68% of people trust blogs while purchasing a product.
  • Global spending on digital advertising of goods will reach $389 billion in 2021, and digital advertising expenses will reach $500 billion by 2024.
  • Whether a business is generating profits can be known by looking at the company's return on investment (ROI).
  • According to Forrester reports, 58% of marketers must learn how to target their audience.
  • Consumer feedback and comments play a major role in the digital marketing business. Marketers must take customer feedback on the services provided and maintain user engagement.
  • Of all marketing strategies, video marketing has a high return on investment(ROI) and conversion rate.
  • Marketers can easily monitor their growth using Google analytics tools and calculate ROI.

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We hope our "Advantages of digital marketing" article has given the answers you are looking for. This article discusses what digital marketing is and career opportunities in digital marketing. So, here is the end of our writing.

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Advantages of Digital Marketing FAQ'S

The main advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing is the visibility and reach to the customers.You can promote your brand with less cost and labour.


  • Global Reach
  • Cost-effective
  • Increased user engagement.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Track your performance in real-time.


  • High competition.
  • Time-consuming.
  • Security and privacy issues.
  • Inaccessibility.
  • Responding to negative feedback is challenging.

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